As we are a home appliances repairing company in Dubai, UAE. We can better explain which washing machine is best for a family use or individual use.

Its all depends on your needs, how many cloths you have for washing in a day or a week. I means there is a method that calculate the capacity of washing machine tank how big is.

Choose Best Washing Machines by Size and Capacity.

House PersonWashing Tank CapacityNumber of Clothes
1,2 Persons5 to 6 Kg2 shirts
2 jeans
1 bedsheet
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
2,3 Persons6.5 to 7 kg3 shirts
3 jeans
1 bedsheet
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
4,5 Persons8 kg4 shirts
3 jeans
1 bedsheet
3 small towels
3 pillowcases
More than 5 Persons8.5 kg to 9 kg3 shirts
3 jeans
2 bedsheet
6 small towels
6 pillowcases

so, with this cart you can easily choose which is the best washing machine for your use. You also need to check the space at your home like size of the doors. You need to check the measurements your doors or where do you want to fit the machines. This is a major decision that need to take before buying any best washing machine UAE.

Before buying any washing machines you have decide one more thing about the technology or the method of operating washing machines.

In simple words of fully automatic washing machines have only one tank, that work for washing and as dryer. so you can wash and dry all kinds of cloths, fabric or any washable items in same drum, and you set the temperature of dryer as per your washing items requirements.

The Semi Automatic Washing Machines in other words have 2 different rank or drum, one for washing and another one for dryer.

Once the machine complete washing process as per the timer that you set, then you have to change the drum for drying manually, and you can’t set the temperature of dryer. It will just suck the water using high rounds.

best washing machine in uae

Mind it before buy best washing machine Front &Top Loading Points.

There is two types of washing machines used, one is front loading and another one is top loading.

You can put the washing items from the Front loading side, that is common in fully automatic machines in UAE.

Other hands the top loading washing machines as you see the normal any where of oldest models of many home appliance brands. The most negative point of top loading machines is about washing machines repairing and washing machines parts availability. You can’t find part easily or if anyone have the parts in new or used condonation, then cost will be higher.

In those days you can find all washing machines parts of fully automatic best washing machines around the UAE. You can also find the washing machines technician that will repair easily.

Here is a small graph of best washing machine that you will by top-loading vs front-loading.

best washing machine in uae

Here is the list of best washing machines brands in UAE.

  1. LG Click here for Product Catalog
  2. Samsung Click here for Product Catalog
  3. Panasonic Click here for Product Catalog Front Load and Top Load
  4. Whirlpool Click here for Product Catalog Front Load and Top Load
  5. Bosch Click here for Product Catalog
  6. Miele Click here for Product Catalog
  7. Hoover Product Catalog
  8. Candy Product Catalog
  9. Daewoo
  10. Super General Click for Product Catalog
  11. Nikai Click here for Product Catalog

If you are looking to buy best washing machine in UAE, then contact us we will assist you which washing machine is best in UAE. We do all brands sale and purchase of used washing machines at your one all only.

washing machine repair in dubai
washing machines repair in dubai

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