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Ac Part During the summer, the air conditioner is the most commonly utilized appliance. Without an air conditioner, surviving the hot summer months becomes quite tough. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are putting air conditioners in their houses.

An AC unit is a complex appliance, and when it breaks, you want to make sure that you get the right AC parts to fix it. Replacing the wrong part can lead to damage of other components, voiding warranties, and in some cases, even damage to your home.

AC units use several different types of parts to create cool air. Some of these parts require professional installation while others can be installed by the consumer with minimal training. When purchasing replacement AC parts, you must know what kind of repairs you are capable of doing yourself and which ones will require a professional installer or HVAC technician.

One common repair that homeowners may embark on is replacing an air filter or pre-filter for their air conditioner. These filters are designed to catch dust and other particles before they enter the system and clog major components like coils or restrict airflow through the ducts. Air filters typically get clogged every 30-90 days depending on the environment they are being used in. Changing these filters regularly is essential to keeping your AC unit running efficiently and preventing damage to other parts.

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Ac Part

7 Major AC Parts

Here is a list of 7 major AC parts below:

  1. Compressor (The Heart of the AC System)
  2. Condenser coil
  3. Evaporator
  4. Blowing unit and air handler
  5. Thermostat
  6. Filters
  7. Drain pipes

Best AC Parts Shops

  • Daikin Air Conditioning L.L.C
  • Power Cool AC Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Vemco Group (Dubai)
  • AC Spare Parts Dubai Suppliers, Dealers & Distributors
  • Zephyr AC Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Aero Cool AC Spare Parts Trading L.L.C
  • WIND POINT Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Careair Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Fresh Air AIRCONDITION Spare Parts Co LLC
  • Al Waleed AC Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Cool Waves A/C Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Cool Tech Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC
  • Super Cool Trading LLC

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Main Parts of AC System

The important parts of your system are;

Evaporator Coil

Ac Part


Ac Part

Condensing Coil and Fan

Ac Part
Ac Part

AC Filters

Ac Part

AC Suppliers in Dubai

AC suppliers in Dubai are quite numerous, with various brands available. With soaring temperatures and high humidity levels, especially during the summer, it is wise to install an air conditioner at home and office. Having air conditioning at home or the workplace makes the environment cool and comfortable. AC suppliers in Dubai offer a wide range of products that are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Some of the best AC Suppliers in Dubai, UAE are;

  • Safario Cooling Factory LLC
  • Corys Build Centre LLC
  • Silver Lake Electromechanical Works LLC
  • Summer Seasons Air Condition & Refrigerator Repair
  • Saeed Al Meraikhi Repairing Air Conditioning
  • Al Khamri Technical Works LLC
  • Al Daman Electrical Equipment
  • Al Qudrah Group

AC Suppliers in Abu Dhabi

  • MDSap Tech (Abu Dhabi Office)
  • Euro Technical Supplies LLC
  • KOHINOOR Air conditioner & Refrigeration Parts
  • SASCO Airconditioning Industry
  • Takyeef Factory LLC
  • RASCO – Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services Co LLC
  • Advance Super Technical Spare Parts Trading L.L.C (AC Spare Parts Supplier; Air Conditioning Parts and Tools)

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